Photo by Scott Hirano

Photo by Scott Hirano

My name is Jacob Barak Klensin, I am a photographer and filmmaker based out of Philadelphia, PA.  I focus heavily on documentary and journalistic material, but pride myself on having a highly versatile skill set.

For the previous few years I have developed a project that deeply examines the world of competitive fighters, entitled “The Figure of Fighting,” particularly in the sports of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai.  Through “The Figure of Fighting” I have had solo shows in New York and Los Angeles and have had work featured in a number of media outlets including USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine, Creative Review, and many others.

I have traveled extensively throughout South America and West Africa and have worked on documentary projects in Mexico and Thailand.  I also have experience developing, curating and promoting art shows and other events.  I have learned to adapt to any industry and provide content for any venue as well as reach the appropriate audience.  I am now bringing that experience of project development, promotion and branding to other endeavors, both of my own creation as well as to those of other individuals or businesses.

Please take a look at the very limited selection of work presented here on this site and follow the links for more.  If you have any questions regarding me or my work, or would like to discuss possible freelance opportunities or collaborations of any sort, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you so much.