Prison Education Documentary

So this project ended up being over a year in the making. Admittedly, it sat on the back-burner during a lot of that time. Sometimes that was because we were waiting to coordinate interviews or for approval from the DOC. Other times it was simply because during that same year, I got married, bought a house, began renovating said house, more or less started a business, and pursued a few other independent projects as well.

This is more or less a project that I've wanted to do ever since I began doing documentary work. I'm so glad I was able to link up with such an incredible program, and the really amazing people behind it, to make this happen. I'm happy to be able to show the work that they do. There is a longer version of this, with additional material, that I am finishing up as we speak, and some additional pieces from some of the other interviews that I'll be putting together shortly.

And big thanks to Daniel Harris Levine for the original music.